Search Engine Marketing Services in Europe

Your small business can now compete alongside the larger corporations because of the level playing field the Internet has created. But, many small and medium sized enterprises are unable to capitalize on this advantage, not understanding how to leverage the Internet in their favor. Is this you? Search engine and other Internet marketing services by the leading provider in Europe can help you achieve your business goals.

Are you struggling to get your website visible amongst the major brands? Suffering from very few website visitors and even less sales?

Fear not, help is at hand! Our Internet marketing experts at InterConsult Solutions are here to help small businesses make the most of the Internet with customized Internet marketing plans, search engine marketing services and optimization campaigns to suit any business budget.

We help businesses throughout Greece and Europe with search engine optimization, keyword research, pay-per-click managenent campaign, content optimization, link building, social media marketing, Web analytics and campaign reporting, online public relations and press releases, and other online promotional and conversion strategies.

Based in Larissa , Greece, we help businesses throughout Europe, with search engine marketing and other online promotional strategies.

About InterConsult Solutions

InterConsult Solutions  is a leader in Internet Marketing services. Managed by Thanos Litsakos, trained and certified Internet Marketing Consultant, we are your best choice for the expertise you need to promote your business on the Internet.

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Internet Marketing and Search Marketing Techniques to Help your Small Business

Internet marketing is the tool that can make your business stand out amongst the crowd and get the attention it deserves. With the use of an integrated plan delivered by an experienced Internet marketing consultant, your website will be found by the search engines, and hence your website visitors. There are many different techniques for Internet marketing and search engine marketing, which have evolved over the last decade or so to include:

• On-page search engine optimization – changing the code and content of your website to meet the requirements of the complex search engine algorithms which dictate how your website will rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

• Link Marketing – establishing links from other websites (back links) to your own to drive their website visitors to your site.

• Content marketing and optimization – writing articles and features for distribution on other websites around the Internet.

• Forum and blog marketing – offering advice and expertise in niche forums, as well as posting comments on authoritative blogs.

Social media marketing – using Web 2.0 tools and sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, social bookmarking sites, etc. to promote your website.

• Email marketing – staying in touch with prospects and customers and driving them via a strong call to action to visit your site and be engaged.

• Web PR – writing and distributing press releases for wider press coverage and public relations.

Pay Per Click advertising – bidding for search engine positions and rank in the paid search listings.

• And much, much more!

Your business and InterConsult Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of SEO and Internet marketing services, PPC campaign management, analysis and reporting, social media optimization, best practices and trends updated, and SEO Auditing. We will ensure that your small business benefits from INTERCONSULT’S extensive knowledge in this field. Contact now our Internet Marketing Team.