How to test your slogan for your new startup business


I went out with a friend of mine for a coffee, and we were talking about his new business start up. One of his concern was what slogan can he use for his new business.

We came up with some ideas (funny and serious) we wrote them down to a piece of paper, and then he told me which should i choose?  I told him your target group  should choose them for you. I suggested him to do some surveys, but budget was low, so he denied.

Well, there is one solution, its called pay per click marketing. Now im not going to analyze it in details(contact us) but here is the outline:

a) Create a new campaign at google with a  daily cost about 500$ (well only for a couple of days) to insure maxixum impression share .

b) Put some keywords, related to your market.

c) Create your ads. Those ads are your slogans, relative to your business

d) Now you need of course a website. If you dont have, this is not an issue, you can send all the traffic to a similar
website. This is just for test.

e) Also at the campaign level your can adjust your ads(slogans) to rotate simultaneously, so it can appear 50-50%(not always).

f) Wait for a couple of days, a week, depends how your audience responds. The best CTR is your winning slogan.

Thats it Any comments? let me know.

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