Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing or SMO can help your business be more profitable and enhance the value of your brand. In the always-on world of the Internet, it is easy to form and solidify new relationships with the audiences that matter. Opportunities abound for you to leverage customer feedback, reviews and testimonials as social media marketing tools in your business.

Besides your website, there are so many  online sources of information about your business. Blogs, online forums, industry-specific user groups, employee portals, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and so on are all highly frequented channels of social media communication. Whether you know it or not, whether you are involved or not, whether you control it or not, online conversations about your company and your brand are active at all times. By getting involved and encouraging a positive view of your market offering, you can heighten customer engagement levels.

Social media is essentially a public space where everyone who has an online voice can express an opinion; it is in essence, Consumer Generated Media (CGM). Compared with other forms of communication, social media has the clear advantage of flexibility. You can’t easily change a company brochure overnight or mail it out to literally thousands of prospects. However, a single blog post can reach out to millions and you can share it, edit it as and when required, archive it for future searches and facilitate indexing by search engines.

Ways to leverage social media for your business:

At InterConsult Solutions we are trained and experienced in helping our customers decide on which social media tools and channels are best suited for their business. If you are a technology provider, perhaps a product demonstration by a real user on YouTube could be a great way to get more customers. As a company that makes educational resources for schools, a teachers’ forum online is a useful platform to transmit and reinforce positive brand messages. Travel companies rely heavily on reviews and testimonials that the online community shares; it helps boost their credibility and drives more business. You can do all this and more as part of your social media marketing efforts.

InterConsult’s Social Media Marketing and Optimization Services to help your business:

  • Sharing news, views and feedback using blogs, online press releases and RSS feeds
  • Leveraging user generated content through updates, forums, blogs, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.
  • Enhancing your interaction with clients and prospects about featured products and services, while creating discussion about the organization
  • Driving traffic into your website through links from social media sites and social bookmarking
  • Facebook Advertising – page creation, profile management and advertising campaign management to reach your target demographic before they know they are even looking for you!
  • Micro-blogging and multimedia sharing with photos, videos and online presentations
  • YouTube video optimization and syndication



Our Company offers a diverse range of tools and technologies to help you leverage social media optimization and marketing effectively. Get in touch with us to find out how you can make the connection.