Stop Cold Calling


Stop Cold Calling 

Cold calling has now become old fashioned, and many people are repelled by it. When you are planning to make a sales pitch, there is no point annoying prospective customers this way. People are busy with their day-to-day lives, and calling them in the middle of their work hours is irritating to say the least.

Marketing teams in different organizations are now using the internet, as a potential medium to promote their products and services, as they have come to realize that cold calling does not work. There are good and bad ways to market specific products to target customers- and cold calling is one of the worst marketing techniques.

It’s easy to understand that the efficacy of cold calling is highly questionable. In fact, expert marketers all over the world are now recommending Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media marketing services in order to target specific audience on the worldwide web. PPC advertising and social media marketing services let you target specific demographic groups.

You may be willing to tap into potentially unsaturated markets by calling people without their permission, but it can quickly lead to a loss of trust. Having an opt-in list on your website or blog is much better. At the very least, you will be able to establish a certain level of trust that way.

Opt-in lists and other permission marketing techniques are now becoming popular among marketers. Of course, you have to be creative with the content (text, animation, or pictures) that asks users to register for a free newsletter on your website.

Many people ask ‘Is cold calling unavoidable?’ Well- the answer is no.

The Answer to the the question “What is the best way to find clients without cold calling” is that, Instead of unfocused marketing methods like cold calling, you can opt for:

  • Pay Per Click advertising services to help you target people according to age, gender, location, area of interest, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing services to make your products and services visible at various points online where your prospective customers talk, share, discuss, and make their purchase decisions.
  • Opt-in lists to let people register for regular updates on new products, discount offers, contests, etc.
  • White papers are a great way to establish your authority over specific topics on the internet. They also result in a number of high quality back links to your websites. Once you get people to visit your website, it’s easier to pursue them to make a purchase or register for a newsletter.
  • Designing widgets to let people use them for free is a technique that can help you get tons of visitors-

a.       There are several websites that get most of their traffic through back links placed on widgets.

b.      Whether you are selling an insurance policy or offering travel services in your city, there are scores of bloggers and webmasters out there who are ready to place a well designed widget on their sites.

Summary: Cold calling is a waste of time if you really want to continue running your business in the long term by instilling trust in your customers. PPC and social media marketing services coupled with guerilla marketing techniques can work wonders for your business.

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